Evenings with Miss X the Sexplorer are discussion-based workshops on the topics of seduction, sexuality and sensuality.


By exploring a series of sexual themes, Miss X the Sexplorer offers you a unique opportunity for sexploration, sexpression and sexcitement!


The evenings are on every other Thursday at Club l’Orage (7387 rue St-Hubert) between 8:00pm and 9:30pm. Please see calendar for the exact dates.

Examples of workshops offered:

Introduction to the libertine lifestyle

Sex toys demonstration

Introduction to BDSM

The secrets of female pleasure

Fellatio and phallic massages

Female ejaculation

Welcome to the Evenings with Miss X the Sexplorer’s official website.

Feel free to contact Miss X if you have any questions.


Upcoming evenings:


Thursday May 19th 2016: Bi-curious or bisexual men - Part II at 8.00 pm at Club L'Orage Club (7387 rue St-Hubert)



 Note: The workshops are currently held in French only.