The Evenings with Miss X the Sexplorer came from the desire to offer a space where men and women of all ages can experience sexploration, sexpression and sexcitement.


Miss X is a sex-enthusiast. She is truly passionate about sexuality, ways to personal growth, bodywork, physical development and authentic expression. Participating regularly in a wide variety of libertine activities and adept of non-conventional sexual practices, she has always dreamed of sharing her passion with others.


Being a regular customer at L’Orage Club, Montreal’s #1 swingers club for three years, she tells JeePee (the club owner) about her idea of having meet-up/workshop evenings on sexuality. JeePee decides to join the project and together they’ve created Evenings with Miss X. The first meet-up happened in November 2013


Evenings with Miss X are meet-up discussion-based workshops on the topics of seduction, sexuality and sensuality. Participants can feel free to express themselves openly and genuinely with complete confidentiality.


Miss X’s workshops are usually split in three parts:


-Information and discussion: During the group discussion, everybody is welcomed to participate. Miss X answers your questions and talks about her own sexplorations.


Demonstration: For those who wish to assist to it, a demonstration of the evening’s theme is generally suggested. 


-Practice: Participants are invited to try out new tips and advices given by Miss X at l’Orage Club’s space favorable for sexuality and eroticism.


The meet-up workshops are on every other Thursdays at l’Orage swingers club between 8:00pm and 9:30pm.


Note: The workshops are currently held in French. Unless we receive a high demand for it, we might consider to open English sessions.