Evenings with Miss X the Sexplorer have been going on since November 2013 and we have experienced many great moments so far.


For many couples this evening represents an opportunity to set foot in a swingers’ environment for the first time, without any pressure. For some, they get to witness a first time an erotic demonstration in an arousing atmosphere. And lastly, some couples decide to strike while the iron is hot…to the idea of trying out the beds on the club’s second floor… Sometimes we have simple moments of honest exchange. Sometimes we have fierce moments!

Many of these couples appreciate the acceptance and freedom provided by this “informal” evening which allows them to be worry-free of some concerns and taboos. Evenings with Miss X the Sexplorer are also attended by experienced couples. Their presence puts the other participants at ease with themselves and the conversations are enriched with their life experiences. Also, their participation seems to light up the newcomers by the end of the night!


In short, if this text speaks to you, you are absolutely welcomed to the Evenings of Miss X the Sexplorer.


Here are testimonials from participants of Evenings with Miss X the Sexplorer.


“Thank you once again for yesterday. I’ve always been very dominant in the bedroom, however last night I’ve tried to go beyond my limits and accepted to be submissive. I have discovered a whole new world. I loved it. Obviously, I benefit by continuing my explorations. I will certainly come back! Thank you!” -Mara


“Many thanks for your workshops… they’re really amazing. I really like participating” -Pedro







  Note: The workshops are currently held in French only.